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Aloha 'Oe

HAWAII: Our February Candle Of The Month

The winter season has us longing for warm getaways where beaches and tropical drinks are aplenty. An archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, the series of islands is paradise on Earth. It has incredible beaches, lush rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, sublime sunsets and towering mountains. It is a full body sensory overload and experience. The eyes are treated to the most glorious sights, the taste buds to a fusion of delicious food and tropical fruits, the ears to traditional music and whistling palm trees and the soothing feel of warm sand and lulls of ocean waves. But perhaps one of the best attractions of Hawaii is the plethora of the most exotic flowers in the world. Wild, colorful, fragrant, bountiful, vibrant, tropical, diverse…the flora is simply stunning.

The inspiration for our Hawaii candle is hibiscus - the state flower. Being that it’s February when love is highly celebrated, we chose red hibiscus known as Kokiʻo ʻula to the locals. It is an enthralling flower worthy of its symbol for love and passion. To capture the magic of Hawaii in a jar, we added notes of jasmine, green botanicals, pineapple, peach, coconut and musk. The scent is as exotic as the island itself. It is a perfect ode to the month of love and Eden that is Hawaii.