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About Us

Our story began in 2010 when my husband and I first met. We have always shared a love for travel, and being able to do so together has only further fueled our wanderlust. Over the years, we have been lucky enough to have had many opportunities to travel both locally and internationally. We have seen many beautiful places and learned so much about different cultures across the globe. At the end of every trip, it has become routine to bring something special home to remind us of our experiences at the place we visited. It was in this tradition where the idea for our candles was born. Our love for travel coupled with our passion for candle-making has inspired us to create IM Home Candles.The calming glow and warmth of candlelight helps to reduce stress and regain enthusiasm for the simple nuances of everyday life. 

From a scientific perspective, scent has been shown to greatly affect our emotions. When you smell a scent, receptors in your nose communicate with your olfactory nerve, which in turn transmits impulses to the part of your brain that accesses mood, behavior, and memory. Inspired by the many places we have visited during our travels, we handcraft each of our candles with our special soy wax blend and the highest quality premium fragrance oils keeping this science in mind. Each of our unique scents is created by combining a selection of carefully chosen ingredients meant to embody the most memorable qualities of each destination. 

If you have ever felt the need to escape to somewhere where you can truly relax but don't always have the time; let our candles take you on a journey without stepping outside. There's a big world out there waiting for you to explore and we hope that our signature scents will inspire you to do so! At IM Home Candles we like to think of each of our candles as souvenirs for the senses—evoking the spirit of travel in the comfort of your home.