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Morocco is our January Candle of the Month. This Northern African country is one of the most exotic travel destinations in the world. It offers an impressive topography from the Agadir beach, Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. Architects and designers are inspired by its vivid colors, intricate mosaics and textiles. Foodies indulge in couscous, tagine, khobz bread and sweet mint tea that is offered everywhere as a symbol of friendship and hospitality. When in Morocco, shopping will always be a big part of the itinerary. The Marrakech Medina is one of the country’s shopping destinations that draws a huge crowd. It has a maze of souks that offer coveted jewelries, leather goods, metal lanterns, spices, tea sets, caftans & djellabas, sandals, carpets, potteries & ceramics, Argan oils, health & beauty products. There’s so much to buy with so many exquisite products which lead us to our candle scent inspiration. We combined the soft and sophisticated scent of Moroccan cashmere, the distinct and rich scent of fine leather and the herbal elements of mint tea.  The top notes are ylang-ylang and lavender and the base notes are bergamot, saffron, clove buds and amber. We devoted a lot of time in creating our Morocco candle to encapsulate the essence and scents of this beautiful kingdom.