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U.S.A. Our November Candle of the Month

U.S.Ais our November Candle of the Month! We are familiar with the saying: “there is no place like home.” Nothing rings more true today when the pandemic hinders us from traveling the world. We don’t really have to go too far to fulfill our wanderlust. We almost forget how vast America is and its endless possibilities of exploration. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons where this country explodes in vivid and vibrant colors. From Vermont to the Colorado mountains, in city parks or coastal views, from urban to rural settings; the scenery will always be guaranteed picturesque. With that in mind, our November handmade soy wax candle offers a blend of spicy and citrusy scents from apple, lemon and ginger spice. We want to give you a cozy feeling, nostalgia and excitement for the upcoming holidays.

Our Candle of the Month is a limited edition candle so grab yours now before it disappears.