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Let us plan a candlemaking party for you for any occasion. May it be a birthday party, a bridal shower, a baby shower, team building, or simply a gathering of friends. You host your own party at your own home or at any location of your choosing. 

You and your guests will create your very own custom candles with a unique scent exclusive to you. You will be making a 14 oz candle with or without potpourri. Other jar sizes are available too. The choice is yours, and you take home what you make. Imagine being your own perfumer and creating your own signature scent. With a lot of fragrances to choose from, you'll have so much fun mixing and blending to find the perfect scent you love. Candlemaking is so much fun when done with friends. This experience includes a glass of wine, small bites, a surprise gift, and a whole lot of fun. 

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